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Dongguan releases new policies to support development of strategic emerging industrial bases
2021-05-25 09:39     Source : Dongguan Foreign Investment Promotion Center

Several Measures for Dongguan's Advancement of High Quality Development of Strategic Emerging Industrial Bases


To learn and implement the spirit of the important speeches and important instructions by General Secretary Xi Jinping on promoting high-quality development, these measures were formulated in accordance with Dongguan's realities and the spirit of relevant documents such as the “Opinions of the People's Government of Guangdong Province on Nurturing and Developing Strategic Pillar Industrial Clusters and Strategic Emerging Industrial Clusters”, “Notice of the People’s Government of Dongguan Municipality on Printing and Publishing ‘Implementation Opinions on Nurturing and Developing Strategic Industrial Clusters’”, full implementation of the work requirements of the “Several Opinions of the People’s Government of Dongguan Municipality on Accelerating Building New Momentum to Develop High-quality Development” and “Implementation Plan for Planning and Construction of Dongguan’s Strategic Emerging Industrial Bases” to advance cluster of strategic emerging industries.

I. Strengthen coordinated advancement

    i. Conduct resources allocation. The city’s first-level resources should be coordinated to support the bases in taking the initiative to reform for breakthroughs, optimize allocation of factors such as land use, energy use, house use and environmental protection. Major engineering and projects in the bases meeting the requirements of high-quality development should have the privilege in securing land, forestry land, energy consumption, emission and other indexes. The bases should have the privilege in deployment of the city’s first-level major public services facilities, giving more special fund support for infrastructure projects. State-owned enterprises are encouraged to invest more resources in participation in the construction of the bases. And more social capitals are encouraged to participate in construction of the bases and play a greater role in aspects such as infrastructure, low-cost space and investment and financing for the projects.   

    ii. Strengthen planning and instruction. Coordinated instructions on planning formulation for the industrial bases should be strengthened according to the unified planning requirements. Efforts should also be made to strengthen alignment with Dongguan’s spatial planning and integrate advantageous resources to build the bases into high-level future-oriented bases with optimized spatial planning and enhanced urban design standards. Various bases should follow the requirements for high-quality development and align with the first-class counterparts. The “Three-Year (2021-2023) Construction Planning for the Strategic Emerging Industrial Bases” was studied and formulated to clarify the overall thinking, construction goals, key tasks, key projects and guarantee measures.

    iii. Strengthen industrial clusters. Special industrial planning and policies should be formulated centering around seven strategic emerging industries: new generation of information technology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials, new energy, biomedicine, integrated circuits and digital economy. Industrial chain panoramic maps and catalogues for key businesses are compiled and “director of industrial chain system” is comprehensively launched. Centering around critical support such as platform, enterprise and project, industrial chains are extended, supplemented and strengthened at a greater speed to accelerate cluster of dominant emerging industries in the bases. Expert consultation committees are set up to provide reference for decision-making in aspects such as project access, rewards and allowances.   

   iv. Place emphasis on scientific management. Coordination and interconnection between the general command center and on-site command centers should be strengthened to comprehensively launch the “seven one” work mechanism, namely, “leadership under one municipal leader, one specified department, one industrial planning, one set of supporting policies, one map for attracting businesses, one supporting fund, one supervision mechanism”. All the bases are encouraged to strive for excellence and an annual evaluation index system combining “commonalities + individual features” should be established to manifest specified instructions and differentiated features. Rewards should be given to bases with excellent annual evaluation. Statistics monitoring mechanism for strategic emerging industries should be established to dynamically trace the development of scientific evaluation industry.     

II. Improve innovation capability  

    v. Align resources of scientific innovation. Bases are encouraged to align innovation resources from multiple sources and establish long-term and stable partnership with various innovation platforms such as the comprehensive national science center in the Greater Bay Area and national independent innovation demonstration area in the Pearl River Delta and higher institutes in and outside Guangdong province. Cooperation mechanisms between the bases and innovation institutes such as the Spallation Source Science Center, Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory, Center of Excellence for Advanced Materials and research institute of Songshan Lake Robotic Technology Park to make full use of the scientific apparatus such as the Spallation Source to carry out joint technology breakthrough and industry-university-research application research. Sharing mechanism of instrument and equipment for scientific research should be improved to encourage enterprises to participate in establishment of service platform for sharing use of instrument and equipment for scientific research.

    vi. Encourage technology innovation. Centering around the seven strategic emerging industries, the system of the “top players accepting the challenge” in realizing breakthrough in industrial technologies is implemented. Organizations (or unions) undertaking and completing breakthrough in key technologies will be granted subsidy of up to 50% of the R&D expenditure of the technology with the subsidy of no more than 10 million yuan. Enterprises and platforms in the bases are encouraged to build key laboratories, engineering technology research center, enterprise technology center and industry innovation center. The above projects obtaining recognition by the state or the province are entitled to a maximum reward of 5 million yuan and 2 million yuan respectively; projects winning rewards such as national and provincial technology rewards as the first completed organization are entitled to a maximum reward of 10 million yuan based on the reward level.

    vii. Support first application of first innovation. First (set) major technology equipment in the R&D industry is encouraged with a maximum of 10 million yuan being subsidized according to the ratio of equipment R&D or sales. Enterprises are encouraged to develop the first edition software, develop innovative drug and new type of medical equipment with a maximum of 5 million yuan being subsidized according to investment ratio. First (set) major technology equipment, first edition of software, innovative products such as innovative drug and new type of medical equipment are encouraged to take the lead in promotion and application in Dongguan.  

    viii. Support standard guidance. Enterprises and institutes in the bases are encouraged to participate in international, domestic and industrial standardization events. A maximum reward of 1.5 million yuan is granted to international, national, industrial and local standards and technology specifications being formulated and released.  

    ix. Support introduction of talents. Recognized high-level innovation research teams and leading talents are entitled to a maximum subsidy of 20 million yuan for entrepreneurship. Innovative talents settling in the bases and having made prominent contributions to industrial development and technology innovation are entitled to a maximum reward of 100% of the income tax paid in the year and the income tax of the technology results transfer kept by the city. The bases are encouraged to build security housing for talents for enterprises in the bases and provide favorable resources of affordable housing, price-limit housing and low-rent housing for talents working under the major and large projects in the bases. Supporting facilities in education, health care and business should be improved to provide high-quality living environment for talents and teams meeting the requirements.  

III. Optimize space supply

    x. Carry out pilot reform of “standard land”. A work mechanism with unified evaluation for a dozen of evaluation such as energy assessment and environmental impact assessment in the process of review and approval of investment projects is established and the pattern of “one-window service + construction commencement” is explored. Reform of examination and approval of land use for industrial projects is being advanced and the land assignment system “with a design plan” is implementing on a trial basis. Compilation and examination of the design plan should be completed in advance before incorporation into the documents of land assignment.    

    xi. Strengthen space integration and improvement. The bases are supported in converging land use resources and forming connected land available for development and construction through such ways as adjustment, organization, moving, demolition and reclamation, and purchase from a different place. Greater support is extended to industrial parks at the town and village levels in transformation. Green passage for approval of “transformation of normal industrial land” is established and high-standard factory and industrial building projects under the “transformation of normal industrial land” can be divided and transferred (spot sale) based on building and floor units. Legal means should be actively pursued to resolve historical issues regarding the existing land, expanding development space for excellent enterprises.

    xii. Construct low-cost space. State-own enterprises of the city and collective enterprises of the town are supported in developing high-standard factories and clean workshops on the state-owned assigned land. Enterprises of high growth and listed reserve enterprises are entitled to division and transfer (spot sale) of land based on building and floor units in the way of “costs + proper profits”. The industrial housing supply mode of “renting before transfer and combination of renting and transfer” is promoted. The newly settled enterprises in the bases contributing to relevant tax and reaching relevant standards of technology innovation are entitled to a maximum annual subsidy of one million yuan and totally not exceeding three million yuan according to the total rent paid in the year and rent support of no more than three years.  

    xiii. Build new type of industrial communities. The bases are supported in collaborating with neighboring cities in upgrading to improve industry-city integration comprehensive services functions. Enterprises of high growth at the upper and lower reaches of the strategic emerging industrial chain that meeting the requirements for settlement are supported in forming a union to apply for industrial land and developing industrial parks to build a small ecology for industrial cluster. New type of industrial land is encouraged to concentrate in the bases with participation of renowned industrial operation platforms to build a batch of high-quality new type of industrial communities with innovation vitality, smart digital technology, green and low carbon, comprehensive supporting facilities and beautiful ecology.  

IV. Support nurturing of enterprises

     xiv. Consolidate industrial fund. A strategic emerging industrial fund system with 50 billion yuan is established. Through the newly established strategic emerging industrial fund, the investment synergy is formed by using various industrial funds such as the existing government investment funds and equity investment funds established by the state-owned enterprises of the city. Various funds and resources of the state-owned enterprises of the city, towns and sub-districts as well as various social and industrial capitals are mobilized to support planning and construction of the strategic emerging industrial bases and industrial development. Favorable support is extended to settlement and cluster development of excellent emerging industrial projects.

    xv. Introduce excellent enterprises. Strategic emerging industrial projects meeting the requirements are entitled to a maximum reward of 100 million yuan in accordance with enterprise investment, establishment of headquarters and tax contribution. Excellent enterprises in the catalogue of strategic emerging industries that are under the projects of supplementing and strengthening the industrial chains through recognition are entitled to a reward of 100% based on contribution to local economy for three consecutive years since the year of being put into operation. The recognized cooperation institutes or individuals successfully introducing the agreed projects are entitled to support for the targeted projects according to relevant requirements.   

    xvi. Strengthen growth incentives. A maximum lump sum reward of two million yuan according to different ranges is granted to start-up enterprises and “professional, capable, characteristic and new” small and medium-sized enterprises in the bases with the annual revenue first surpassing 20 million yuan, 50 million yuan and 100 million yuan. Through recognition, a maximum lump sum reward of five million yuan is granted to enterprises according to different ranges, for growing enterprises in the bases with annual revenue first surpassing 200 million yuan, 500 million yuan, one billion yuan and two billion yuan.   

    xvii. Support investment in critical equipment. Support is given to the manufacturing projects of strategic emerging industries with a total investment of 500 million yuan and above (not including the land price). The subsidized proportion represents 10% of the confirmed investment in the critical equipment with a maximum subsidy for a single project of 30 million yuan.

xviii. Support enterprises in going public and acquisition. A lump sum reward of up to three million yuan can be granted to the listed reserved enterprises in the bases recognized by the municipal government and applying for initial public offering in the security exchange in and outside China with the application materials being officially processed. A lump sum reward of 10 million yuan is granted to companies listed elsewhere with the registration place relocated in the bases for one year and above. Enterprises are supported in acquisition development: a subsidy of 5% of the actual acquisition amount and a maximum of up to 20 million yuan can be granted to a single project and enterprises in the bases meeting the orientation of industrial development and completing the non-controlling acquisition transaction, or projects settling in the bases through acquisition and restructuring.

V. Improve business environment

    xix. Improve the service system. Special teams characterized by professional, capable and efficient are established in the bases and great efforts are made to introduce high-level operation teams to improve supporting services such as innovation and entrepreneurship, intellectual property rights, marketing, logistics, inspection and monitoring. A whole-chain close loop mechanism is established covering comprehensive responsibility for the first negotiation, settlement of projects and substitute services for approval and processing. Comprehensive services are provided concerning investment and settlement of projects in a new era. A system of aligning corporate finance and people is established and expert teams of financial services are organized to implement “one enterprise one team” service work mechanism and assist enterprises in carrying out financial businesses such as financing and listing.

    xx. Improve support for “one project, one policy”. Recognized and confirmed by the general command center, support in the form of “one project, one policy” is extended to the manufacturing projects of the strategic emerging industries that lead in the development orientation and represent the first of its kind in the province and the country with pioneering advantages, as well as critical technology R&D and industrialization and industrialized public service projects. The entire city and all the towns and sub-districts are encouraged to introduce qualified strategic emerging industrial projects. Particularly major projects or projects with relatively large development potential are entitled to the above policy support through “one project, one policy”.  

   These policies are under the explanation of Dongguan’s general command center for strategic emerging industrial bases and relevant departments and are applied to Dongguan’s strategic emerging industrial bases. These policies are implemented following the date of being printed and published on a trial basis of three years. These policies are open to dynamic optimization and adjustment according to specific implementation of the policies during the trial period. For inconsistency with other similar policies in Dongguan, the principles of following the higher, the more favorable and non-repeating shall be adopted.

Office of the People's Government of Dongguan Municipality

April 20, 2021

Editor: 谭晶