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"Loving freezers”warm residents in Dongguan
2018-08-08 08:49     Source : 来源:Dongguan Today

Unattended "loving freezers" has appeared in streets of Hangzhou and Shanghai recently. These freezers supply free water for workers who work during high temperatures. In Dongguan, these "loving freezers" have recently begun to appear.
"Loving freezers" in Dongguan streets
On 28th July 2018, a "loving freezer" with a billboard "Free" appeared in front of a convenience store opposite the One Mall Shopping Mall in Nancheng District. Further words on the billboard continue; "free cold drinks for sanitation workers, traffic police officers and couriers". The sponsor of the freezer expressed that he wishes to attract more people to care about workers who need to work during high temperatures and wishes to prompt a public benefit movement. Though this activity lasted for only one day, it will surface from time to time in the future.
Wang was waiting for her friend nearby that day and said that the first reaction when people saw the freezer was wait-and-see. Before long, some couriers passed by, took water from the freezer and happily took pictures. Then some sanitation workers came and took water with smiling faces. Soon afterwards more and more people came to take water. 



Editor: 黄紫嫣