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The first vehicle license plate made in Dongguan
2019-01-11 09:15     Source : Dongguan Today

  The first Made-in-Dongguan vehicle plate

At 10am on 9th January, after being pressed and wiped, the first Made-in-Dongguan vehicle plate (aka the blue plate),粤SG92Y3 was created in Songshan Lake plate factory.

In order to reduce production and delivery times, the Traffic Administration Bureau of Guangdong Public Security Department assigned Dongguan as one of the first pilot cities to produce vehicle plates.

The blue plate is under production

On 19th December 2017 Dongguan produced and released the first new energy vehicle plate (aka the green plate) 粤SD09999. Now, blue vehicle plates are also produced in Dongguan.

According to Ye Jianhua (member of staff at the vehicle administration station), once the license plate number is selected by the resident and confirmed by the vehicle administration station, the data will be transferred to the plate factory. The factory can produce 500 plates each day and have them delivered to car owners within 24 hours and installed free of charge.


Editor: 王敏瑶