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Basketball House opens in Dongguan
2019-08-12 10:31     Source : Dongguan Today


The launch event of the Basketball House (Dongguan) for FIBA Basketball World Cup China 2019 was held in Dongguan on 3rd August.

The launch event of the Basketball House (Dongguan) for FIBA Basketball World Cup China 2019 was held in Dongguan Minying International Trade Centre on 3rd August, which helped amp up the overall atmosphere of the World Cup (Dongguan).

The Basketball House's main function is to present the history of basketball development to the public and share the story of basketball stars. It is similar to a small basketball museum, where some informative lecturers are able to explain services to visitors.

The Basketball House will be an activity centre for the basketball fans during the FIBA Basketball World Cup warm-up and competition events. It will offer visitors an opportunity to experience certain fierce scenes of international competition, participate in a variety of interactive activities, record the audio and video of the national team, and purchase official World Cup souvenirs.

Zhu Fangyu (General Manager of Guangdong South China Tiger Club) said that the basketball atmosphere in Dongguan is dynamic. Zhu continued saying that as Dongguan will host the highest level basketball competition in the world, it is an indication it has reached the best basketball city level in the country. The launch of the House of Basketball, Zhu hopes, will ignite the atmosphere of the Basketball World Cup in Dongguan. Zhu was also full of hope that the World Cup would be successfully held in Dongguan, attracting more people to fall in love with basketball as well as cheer for the coming Basketball World Cup.

Lu Shiqiang (Director of the Dongguan Municipal Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau) proposed that 2019 is a highlight year for Dongguan as a basketball city. The Winnerway Basketball Team returned to glory after 6 years to win the Chinese championship for the ninth time. Dongguan achieved the double crown for men's and women's basketball this year, which is a boon for the city. "Where there are basketball competitions in the country or provinces, you can always find Dongguan basketball players striving for victory," said Lu.

Editor: 谭晶