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Dongguan introduces 2 "global top 500" enterprises every year on average
2019-09-12 09:44     Source : Dongguan Foreign Investment Promotion Center


Nestle China (Dongguan) Research and Development Center.

Up to now, about 490 of the world’s top 500 companies have invested in China, accounting  for 98% of the total. As a pioneer of reform and opening up, Dongguan has also attracted a large number of multinational companies to invest in it.

According to statistics from Bureau of Commerce of Dongguan City, since 1988, a total of 86 global 500 enterprises have been introduced in Dongguan, averaging 2 enterprises per year. Up to now, there are 44 global top 500 enterprises still investing in Dongguan, and a total of 4.58USD billion has been invested in 65 projects, covering electronic information, food and beverage, retail, real estate and other industries. Since this year, the layout of the world’s top 500 enterprises in Dongguan has risen  steadily. 

 “Facial Makeup” of Global Top 500 Enterprises in Dongguan

In Dongguan, the world’s most prominent top 500 company comes from China, which is Huawei.

On 9th to 11th August this year, The 2019 Huawei developer conference for global developers was held in Songshan  lake. This  heavyweight scientific and technological conference attracts worldwide  attention and  it also put Dongguan under the spotlight. Huawei Songshan Lake Xibeiliupo Village (also known as “Huawei European Town”) has also become a popular “checkpoint” in  the Circles of  Friends of many people.

In Dongguan, the world’s oldest 500 companies are from Switzerland, which has a  beautiful name - Nestle. On 21st of last November,  Dongguan Nestle Co., Ltd (hereafter refers to “Dongguan  Nestle”) held its 30 anniversary in Dongguan Nancheng. This is  the first global top 500 enterprise that invested in Dongguan, it not only  “survived” but also “living  well” —in the workshop of this enterprise, few people can be seen.  Its fully automated equipment can quickly complete the  procedures of ingredients dosing,  testing, bagging etc., and  delivers packages of Nestle off the production line.

On 22nd July,  Fortune magazine released the latest list of global top 500 companies, Wal-Mart has been the champion of the global top 500 company  for the sixth consecutive  year. In March of  this year, it spent 700 million RMB and took three years to build the largest fresh cold chain warehouse in China—Dongguan fresh  cold delivery center has officially put into operation. This is not only Wal-Mart’s largest single investment in China in 23 years, but also demonstrates Wal-Mart’s ambition in cold chain  logistics.

On the morning of 28th February, Associate British Mauri (Dongguan) Foods Co., Ltd., a world top 500 enterprise with a total investment of 175 million RMB, held its opening ceremony. The company is mainly engaged in research and development, production and sales of bakery  ingredients and special oils, with an estimated annual output value of more than 400 million RMB and an annual tax revenue of 30 million  RMB. On July 30  this year, China-Israel International Science and Technology Cooperation Industrial Park was officially  launched. It is the first industrial project invested in Dongguan by Country Garden, a company newly listed as one of the global top 500  enterprises.

Whether it is nestle with the longest history, Huawei with the largest volume, or Associate British Mauri (Dongguan), which just settled in Dongguan, to some extent, this is a vivid epitome of Dongguan’s efforts to attract investment and promote the development of non-public economy since the reform and opening up.

Dongguan was upgraded to a prefecture-level city in January 1988. In January of the same year, Nestle Dongguan was established in Nancheng; in the October of the same year, Tokyo Denki Kagaku (TDK) established Dongguan Nancheng Xinke Magnetoelectric Products Co., LTD (NCCO). In 1992, Dongguan Xingbao Chemical Co., Ltd. (invested by Japan Itochu Co., Ltd.), Dongguan Shilong Yuelong Optical Products Factory (invested by Japan Kyocera Co., Ltd.) and Dongguan Samsung Motor Co., Ltd. (invested by Korea Samsung) were introduced to Dongguan.

After that, the global top 500 enterprises accelerated their settlement in Dongguan. In 1993, Dongguan introduced four of them; in 1994, seven; and in 1995, eight. Many well-known global top 500 enterprises settled in Dongguan during that period, such as McDonalds, China  Resources, Duracell, Sanyo Electronics, Coca-Cola and SHV.

Statistics from Bureau of Commerce of Dongguan City indicates that since 1988, Dongguan has introduced 86 global top 500 enterprises, with an average of 2 enterprises per year. Up to now, there are 44 global  top 500 enterprises still investing in  Dongguan. They have invested 4.58 billion USD in 65 projects, covering electronic  information, food and beverage, retail, real estate etc.

Editor: 谭晶