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The CBD of Dongguan amazes the public!
2019-11-08 09:58     Source : Dongguan Foreign Investment Promotion Center

On October 22, the People’s Government of Dongguan held the investment exchange of International Business Area, attracting over a hundred representatives of renowned enterprises and financial institutions. In the end, the People’s Government have signed agreements of intent with 10 famous enterprises, with the first batch of total intended investment of 41 billion RMB, including companies like China Resources, Kerry Properties, Sun Hung Kai Financial, Henderson (China) Investment Co., Ltd.    

After being reported, the articles like “The CBD Age of Dongguan Has Come”, “Dongguan  Finally Has Downtown” and “Future Dongguan Amazes the World” were reposted and commented by citizens of Dongguan. The citizens hold high expectations on Dongguan’s future. It is believed that with the “Dongguan speed” that stuns the public, the blue print of Dongguan which can be on a par with Zhujiang New Town of Guangzhou and Futian CBD of Shenzhen will soon become a reality.  

To Build a “Gateway of Intelligent Manufacturing around the World and Charming Metropolitan in Greater Bay Area”

With  the positioning of “Dongguan’s gateway, urban living room, innovative hub and regional engine”, Dongguan International Business Area is committed to becoming a “gateway of intelligent manufacturing around the world and a charming metropolitan in Greater Bay Area”.  Located at the central area of Dongguan, Dongguan International Business Area is  a golden area surrounded by Dongguan Road, Huancheng West Road, Sanyuan Road and Hongtu Road with a total area of about 2.14 square kilometers, which is an important part of the seven-square-kilometer central vigorous area in Dongguan’s central region.  

Dongguan International Business Area is positioned to be the municipal CBD of Dongguan, the living room of the city and the new engine for future economy. It is planned to form the four areas, namely finance and technology trade area, international life area, innovation vigorous area and headquarters, focusing on developing  finance, headquarters’ economy and modern service industry. The planned constructed area is 5.1 million square meters, including functions like business office, commercial consumption, accommodation and urban supporting facilities. Dongguan International Business Area is expected to become a “seven-day and 24-hour vigorous business area” with multiple functions, complete supporting facilities, good environment, which can attract excellent companies and talents, being the innovative CBD with resources and knowledge-based economy and the vital growth momentum of Dongguan.    

The first-phase development zone of CBD is the surrounding area of central park, covering 800,000 square meters. The project proposal for investment is the modern productive service industry of Hon Kong. In this regard, leaders of Dongguan Municipality paid a special visit to Hong Kong for targeted business solicitation of Dongguan’s CBD from October 10 to 11. Currently the planned leading projects for the first period include financial area, park area and moving-back area.

Dongguan’s Reform Enters the Best Development Stage

At the exchange meeting, the companies which signed the agreements of intent with Dongguan are all well-known. For instance, Kerry Properties, Sun Hung Kai Financial, Henderson (China) Investment Co., Ltd are three “magnates” in Hong Kong. Jinlongyu Cooking Oil and Shangri-La Hotels subordinated to Kerry Properties are renowned in China, while other two companies are leading enterprises in Hong Kong’s real estate industry, which used to build the world-class landmark jointly -- Hong Kong International Finance Centre.

So what advantages of Dongguan can attract these leading companies?

First, the achievements obtained by Dongguan since the implementation of the policy of reform and opening up enable more companies to believe in the potentials of this city. Then, Dongguan proposed the strategic mission and value pursuit of constructing the “metropolitan of Greater Bay Area and quality Dongguan” this year, aiming at improving the quality of the city. As a representative and  symbol of urban modernization, Dongguan International Business Area is a core factor to improve the comprehensive strength of the city. Dongguan urgently needs to build a quality business area with complete functions to support its  manufacturing system, as well as to provide quality production, living and ecological spaces for innovation talents.

At present, Dongguan also encounters three major historical opportunities, namely the construction of Guangdong - Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area, construction of the Pioneering Demonstration Area for Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in Shenzhen and the Innovative Experimental Area for Supply-side Structural Reform of Manufacturing Industry in Guangdong. It can be said that  Dongguan’s reform and development enters the best stage unprecedentedly.

Editor: 谭晶