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Dongguan actively facilitates integration and application of 5G and industrial internet
2019-11-15 10:21     Source : Dongguan Foreign Investment Promotion Center

Dongguan boasts a sound foundation for 5G industry development and comprehensive 5G industrial chain

5G, as a major direction for the development of the new generation of information and communications technology, will usher into a new digital age in which everything is connected. What does Dongguan’s 5G industry look like? The journalist learned from the 2019 Dongguan (Shijie) Electronics Information Industry Summit that Dongguan boasts a sound foundation for 5G industry development and comprehensive 5G industrial chain. Dongguan is home to over 120 enterprises on the 5G industrial chain. Dongguan will actively strengthen the integration and application of 5G and industrial Internet in an effort to enhance the city’s information- and digital-based technology and intelligent manufacturing.  

A relatively complete 5G industrial chain has been formed

Through preliminary calculation, Dongguan is home to more than 120 enterprises on the 5G industrial chain, falling into four major categories, namely base station, network architecture, 5G terminals and 5G application. Dongguan has already developed a relatively comprehensive industrial chain system. Particularly in the terminal field, Dongguan converges three major 5G mobile phone vendors, namely Huawei, OPPO and vivo. Generally speaking, Dongguan is equipped with a relatively comprehensive 5G industrial chain, which has the potential to generate new development momentum for the city’s electronics and information industry, encourage new growth and fuel rapid development of Dongguan’s 5G industry.

Though Dongguan possesses a comprehensive industrial chain at various levels and with a solid foundation, its automatic- and digital-based network shows an imbalanced development among different industries and enterprises. In view of this, Dongguan will rely on the development of industrial Internet and 5G industry to realize industry upgrading and shift of momentum.    

Guiding policy for 5G has been launched

Currently, Dongguan has launched 5G guiding policy, “Dongguan’s Action Plan (2019-2022) on Accelerating 5G Industry Development”. Based on Dongguan’s realities and a focus on its competitive industries, ten opinions and measures are proposed in the action plan with emphasis on industry development, network building and integration and application. The proposed opinions and measures include such aspects as industry cluster, business and investment solicitation, technology innovation, infrastructure building and establishment of application pilots, serving to drive enterprise transformation and upgrading, lower the overall costs for enterprises from the manufacturing sector, promote enterprises’ application of information-based technology and increase products’ technology intensity. 

Editor: 谭晶