Dongguan teens cheer-up anti-epidemic fighters with comics
2020-02-10 09:42     Source : Dongguan Today

Since the war against the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) began, countless medical workers have volunteered to fight on the front lines. According to Xinhua, a total of 10,596 medical workers have been sent to central China's Hubei Province to help control the novel coronavirus. These admirable people are most lovable, in fact they are heroes!

As the whole country fights collectively against the epidemic, using modern educational technology, the Dongguan Youth and Children's Centre has organized teachers and students to record what happens during this special period. With online guidance from their teachers, Dongguan teenagers are using their brushes to paint a record of the battle against coronavirus in comics. Within two days, Dongguan Animation Club created a total of 38 works, which reflected the teachers and students' firm mental attitude and confidence to overcome the difficulties together. In this way, Dongguan teenagers hope to contribute to those most beautiful fighters and prop up spirits.


Editor: 郑思慧