Dongguan foreigners embraced the self-quarantine
2020-03-02 10:59     Source : Dongguan Today

How long have you been at home? How did you spend your time at home? We contacted some foreign friends who stayed in Dongguan during the COVID-19 outbreak. It seemed that they did fully enjoyed their long holiday.


Jordan bought all the best components he could afford and built a new computer from the ground up over 9 days

"Honestly I've gotten so used to my new life inside."

American teacher Jordan, who has been at home for more than a month straight, told us "Honestly I've gotten so used to my new life inside." At the worst time, Jordan lost his phone, which was the same day China Mobile closed for 10 days. "It was a hard time, but it also left me some quiet time without interruptions. I learned a lot of things during these times. For one, I learned how to build a computer from the ground up. I learned how to deep fry many foods. I use my wok every day to deep fry fish, French fries, hash browns, chicken, everything! I also did a large amount of writing during the epidemic, so I would say I achieved great personal gains. I probably would not have done these things if it were not for being stuck at home every day."

Editor: 郑思慧