Dongguan medics back from Hubei! Welcome home!
2020-03-24 10:05     Source : Dongguan Today


On the afternoon of 20th March, 35 members of the second and the third batches of Dongguan medical assistance teams supporting Hubei boarded special trains and arrived safely home in Dongguan.

Two days later (22nd March), the 21 medical professionals in the first batch also returned to Dongguan safely after fighting COVID-19 on the front line for 54 days. With the exception of Song Xiucan, who remains at the Jingzhou medical mission, the remaining 56 medics whom have successfully accomplished their mission have now returned home.

Dongguan government sent buses to collect them from the train station and the airport. Dongguan traffic police cleared the way for the final stretch of their journey home. When they exited the highway, Dongguan police and volunteers waiting at the exit of expressway saluted the medics to show their respect. While the buses headed downtown, hundreds of cheering and waving people lined the roadway to welcome their "epidemic-fighting" heroes home. They cheered and thundered with applause, while drivers honked their horns in salute. Dongguan greeted the heroes with the deepest respect and the highest courtesy.

Thank you heroes! Welcome home!

Editor: 郑思慧