Fenggang building residents tested after HK driver tests positive
2020-07-29 10:16     Source : Dongguan Today

Fenggang Town's COVID-19 Prevention and Control Command issued a statement on Tuesday following a Hong Kong health authority notification on Sunday 26th July that a Hong Kong truck driver who had recently visited Fenggang was confirmed as a COVID-19 patient.

The driver, Mr Zhu, entered Shenzhen from Wenjindu Port on 18th July in accordance with related regulations and tested negative. He returned to Hong Kong via the same port on 22nd July. On the afternoon of 26th July, Hong Kong's health authority announced that he had tested positive for COVID-19.

An investigation concluded that the driver had lodged in the Dongtailou Building in Fenggang Township between 19th and 22nd July (address: No.106, Changtang Avenue, Yantian Village, Fenggang Town, Dongguan City) and stayed around the neighbourhood.

A comprehensive investigation of Zhu's residence, where he had stayed and contacts has been conducted, with 9 close contacts identified, including 8 in Dongguan and 1 in Shenzhen. All have been put under quarantine for medical observation despite initially testing negative.

Personnel and environmental samples of the building and other surrounding places have also been quickly collected including the two restaurants on the first floor of the building (Yifeng Tea Restaurant and Longfang Tea Restaurant). As of 22:00 on 27th July, a total of 1,169 human samples and 101 environmental samples have been collected. The nucleic acid test results were all negative. Meanwhile, temporary control and disinfection measures have also been taken for the above areas.

In accordance with regulations for normalized epidemic prevention and control protocols, all personnel in the building and related places are to receive free nucleic acid tests starting Monday 27th July. Citizens are urged to report if they visited Dongtailou Building (including either of the two restaurants on the first floor) during the period in question. They are also urged to take precautions and visit the fever clinic if feeling unwell.

Next, the authority will continue to step up various measures to prevent the risk of epidemic spreading in the city.

Editor: 谭晶