Intangible cultural heritage promoted in Dongguan schools
2020-09-22 10:14     Source : Dongguan Today


On September 17, the launch ceremony of "Intangible Cultural Heritage on Campus" was held at Tsinglan School in Songshan Lake, Dongguan. On the same day, many schools across the city held their first class on intangible cultural heritage for the new semester. This year, the Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center of Dongguan plans to arrange 33 activities on campus to popularize knowledge about intangible cultural heritage and allow students to participate in the passing on of intangible cultural heritage in various ways.

During the event, Dongguan Cultural Center and the Tsinglan School signed a cooperation agreement on site. The Center will fully support the school to hold intangible cultural heritage activities and provide the school with high quality resources for intangible cultural heritage.

To date, more than 30 schools from over 10 towns and districts in the city have carried out intangible cultural heritage courses, and a total of 12 "teaching bases for intangible cultural heritage on campus" have been set up.

Editor: 谭晶