More smart cameras to target passengers not wearing seatbelts
2020-11-19 12:36     Source : Dongguan Today


Dongguan traffic police recently announced that smart cameras will be placed in nine spots in downtown to capture traffic offenses such as drivers or passengers not wearing seatbelts, drivers using mobile phones, and parking illegally. These cameras will officially start operation as of December 1,2020.

The locations with these newly-added smart cameras include: Lvse Road -Shuilian Scenic Road intersection, Lvse Road- Jingguan Road intersection, Tiyu Road -TiyuHeng Road intersection, Lvse Road Party School Section, Gedi intersection of Dongguan Avenue, Xiping intersection of Dongguan Avenue, Hongfu intersection of Dongguan Avenue, Huancheng Road- Bayi Road section, and Huancheng Road-Huanguan Express section. 


Whether it is on the highway or an ordinary road, front-seat and back-seat passengers not buckled up shall all be punished. Actually, rigorous checks on back-seat passengers not wearing seatbelts has already begun in many towns and districts. Starting from late October, Nancheng district traffic police have intensified checks and punishments on back-seat passengers not wearing seatbelts in daily law enforcements activity.

Gaobu town traffic police also revealed earlier this week that the smart cameras in major traffic intersections of the town will be upgraded to capture more traffic offenses such as not wearing seat belts, using phones while driving, and not giving way to pedestrians.

Editor: 谭晶