7 Dongguan museums gain national rating
2020-12-24 11:34     Source : Dongguan Today


The Naval Battle Museum

On December 21, the Chinese Museum Association announced the fourth batch of first, second and third-class national level museums. 7 museums in Dongguan were selected.

Among them, the Opium War Museum was rated as a first-class national museum, and the Guangdong Dongjiang Column Memorial Museum, Yuan Chonghuan Memorial Park, Haogang Site Museum, Shilong Museum, Numismatic Museum, and Weimei Ceramics Museum as third-class national museums. Including the three second-class national museums from previous years, Dongguan Museum, Keyuan Museum, and Dongguan Exhibition Hall, there are now 10 third-class and above, national-level museums in Dongguan, second in the Guangdong Province only to Guangzhou, and equal with Shenzhen.

After this assessment, the total number of national-level museums has reached 1,224 in China, including 204 first-class museums, 455 second-class museums, and 565 third-class museums.

In 2004, Dongguan took the lead in the country by proposing the construction of a “museum city". Currently, there are 53 museums in the city, including 17 state-owned museums and 36 private ones. Museum visitors numbers are increasing year by year. In 2019, the number of visitors to the city's museums reached 10.69 million.

Editor: 谭晶