Amazing Dongguaners | Conscientious Manufacturing
2021-01-04 10:13     Source : Thriving Dongguan, Dongguan Today


In November of 2020, the bilingual picture book "Thriving Dongguan" was officially released by the Municipal Publicity Department of Dongguan. The book contains images and stories of 31 people from different industries and backgrounds, showing how the city can "be inclusive, honest and pragmatic". They are the creators and witnesses of a thriving Dongguan.

This is the second part of a series of excerpts from the book.

Dongguan has more than 5 million skilled workers, a large part of whom are modern industrial workers with high level production skills and hardworking character. It is their endeavor for excellence that creates the glory of "Made in Dongguan".

They are small cogs, but they never stop their self-growth. They contributed to the rise of Dongguan and also helped Dongguan to become world famous.

Editor: 谭晶