Dongguan solicits public opinions on banning raising these dog breeds
2021-01-12 11:14     Source : Dongguan Today

On January 8th, Dongguan Public Security Bureau published a draft notification, to solicit public opinions, on standards and species of dangerous dogs to be banned from being raised, sold and bred in Dongguan.

If anyone has any opinions or suggestions on this, he/she can send email to, or send a letter to Dongguan Public Security Bureau (address: Room 1202, 12/F, main building of Dongguan Public Security Bureau, No.3, Dongcheng Nan (S.) Road, Guancheng District, Dongguan 523000东莞市莞城区东城南路3号东莞市公安局主楼12楼1202室,邮编:523000) . The deadline is January 24th, 2021.


The text of the draft notification is hereby translated as follows:

According to the provisions of Article 10, paragraph three of the Regulations Regarding Pet Dogs Management in Dongguan, Dongguan Public Security Bureau drafted the notification together with the city's Bureau of Agriculture & Rural Affairs. Here are the notifications:

1. Dangerous dogs are prohibited from being raised, sold, and bred in Dongguan. Dangerous dogs refer to aggressive dogs such as fighting dogs, mixed-breed dogs with the pedigree of aggressive dogs, and very large dogs.

2. Dangerous dog breeds that will be prohibited from being raised, sold, and bred in Dongguan are

(1)西藏獒犬(Tibetan Mastiff)

(2)圣伯纳犬(Saint Bernard)

(3)波尔多獒犬(Dogue de Bordeaux)



(6)大白熊犬(比利牛斯山地犬-Pyrenean Mountain Dog)

(7)美国(比特)斗牛梗犬(Pit Bull Terrier)

(8)阿根廷杜高犬(Dogo Argentino)

(9)日本土佐犬(Japanese Tosa)

(10)巴西菲勒犬(Fila Braziliero)

Editor: 谭晶