Dongguan Craftsman③| The luthier, bringing life to the ancient Guqin
2021-04-26 15:11     Source : Dongguan Today


Wang Kexun and his Lvqi House

The Guqin (Chinese zither) is a traditional Chinese string instrument, which has seven strings. In Xiabafang, there is a courtyard covered with green vines, dappled light dances over banana leaves and the surrounding grass. It is the Lvqi House created by Wang Kexun. While walking into the courtyard, the beautiful sound of the Guqin lingers in the ear. From a layperson to a Guqin player and then an outstanding luthier, Wang has been sticking to his original love for the Guqin for decades.

Wang Kexun is a representative inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage of Lingnan Guqin. When talking about the Guqin, something is glowing in his eyes, revealing the strength of perseverance.

Editor: Zheng Sihui