FAQs on regulations regarding pet dogs management in Dongguan
2021-05-12 11:41     Source : Dongguan Today


The Regulations Regarding Pet Dogs-Raising Management in Dongguan City (hereinafter "Regulations") will come into effect on June 1 this year. Since it was released on September 30 last year, it has attracted significant attention from the citizens. The relevant person in charge of the regulation from the Municipal Public Security Bureau responded to the concerns of citizens one by one earlier this month.

Q1: Where can dog owners living in Dongguan file and implant e-chips for their dogs?

A: The dog owner who needs to file and implant e-chips for their dog must be capable of civil conduct, a fixed and non-shared residence in Dongguan.. Those who have raised dogs before the promulgation of the "Regulations" should file the registration at the service agency before July 30 this year. For those who raise a new dog after June 1 this year, the dog owner shall, within 30 days from the date of raising the dog, go to the service agency for registration.

Before June 1 this year, the registration service points for dogs in each town and district will be released.

Q2: Do I need to bring the dog to the service agency for registration? What information is required?

A: For the registration of the dogs, the dog owner needs to bring the dog to the service point, and the staff there will verify the information on the spot and register for the record. The following information and materials are required for registration:

1. The name of the dog owner or the dog raising unit, contact information, certificate type and number, fixed residence or location address, real estate certificate or housing lease certificate;

2. The dog's breed, date of birth, main physical features, and colour side photos of the entire dogs body while standing.

Q3: Is there a dog management fee (annual fee) for keeping dogs in Dongguan?

A: The "Regulations" stipulates that keeping a dog in Dongguan City will not charge a dog management fee (annual fee).

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