Traditional costume show staged in Dongguan
2021-07-29 11:42     Source : Dongguan Today


Models present traditional costumes during the launching ceremony of the 2021 Dongguan Young Artists Dream Fulfilling Action at the Dongguan Cultural Center.

Recently, the 2021 Dongguan Young Artists Dream Fulfilling Action was officially launched in Dongguan Cultural Center, during which a traditional costume show was held.

Modern textile technology was used to reproduce and restore the costumes with embroidered pictures and decorations of the old times, which was a feast to the audience's eyes.

The Dongguan Young Artists Dream Fulfilling Action is a brand project of the Dongguan Cultural Center. It aims to discover and support young artistic talents by using the Centre's platform resources. Having been held for four times since 2017, it not only helps the artists to raise their artistic level and gain a higher reputation via displays and exchanges, but also promotes artistic expressions in Dongguan and drives more young people to fall in love with art.

A total of 16 groups of young artists were selected for this year's "Dream Fulfilling Action". They will receive special support in terms of funds, venues, publicity and promotion.

Editor: 谭晶