Close contact found in Dongguan
2021-08-01 14:02     Source : Dongguan Today

On July 30, Dongguan CDC received a notification from the Xinhui CDC of Jiangmen City that the district's investigation of close contacts of two confirmed COVID-19 cases in Beijing showed that one close contact had visited Dongguan in recent days.

Lin, a 41-year-old male, currently lives in Xinhui District, Jiangmen City, has been put under medical observation at a centralized quarantine site in Jiangmen City. The result of his COVID-19 nucleic acid test on July 29 was negative.

Tracks of Lin in Dongguan:

July 26 (Monday) 

11:00-12:30, at Jinxing Textile Factory, Dongcheng District (东城锦兴纺织厂);

12:30-14:00, at the Pinweifang Restaurant in Zhangcun Community, Dongcheng District(东城樟村品味坊酒楼);

15:00-16:30, at Tongchang Textile Factory, Liaobu Town(寮步镇同昌纺织厂);

17:00-19:00, at Lifeng Hotel, Guancheng District (莞城丽枫酒店);

19:00-21:00, at the Jinwan Dalaohu Barbecue Restaurant in Dongcheng Pedestrian Street (东城风情步行街“今晚打老虎烧烤店”);

At around 21:00, returned to Lifeng Hotel in Guancheng District.

July 27 (Tuesday)

At around 9:30, drove to Huizhou City from the hotel and stayed there.

July 28 (Wednesday)

At around 19:08, drove back to Dongguan and stayed at Bona Hotel (Songshan Lake Branch), Liaobu Town (寮步镇柏纳酒店-松山湖店);

19:17-20:30, at the Xiangmulang Dawanfan Restaurant to the southwest of the Vienna Hotel (Songshan Lake Branch) on Xiangshi Road, Liaobu Town (寮步镇香市路“湘木郎大碗饭餐厅”);

At around 20:30, returned to Bona Hotel, Liaobu Town.

July 29 (Thursday)

13:00-14:30, at the Gangdao Restaurant at No.86 Xiangshi Road, Liaobu Town(寮步镇香市路86号“港岛茶餐厅”).

14:30-16:00, at Jinyi Textile Factory, Liaobu Town (寮步镇锦益纺织厂);

16:40-17:20, at Kyriad Hotel, Nancheng District (南城凯里亚德酒店);

At around 17:20, drove back to Xinhui District, Jiangmen City.

So far, 18 close contacts of Lin in Dongguan and 221 general contacts have been identified, and corresponding health management measures have been implemented. A total of 239 samples from personnel and 70 environmental samples from key venues were collected, all of which were negative for COVID-19. Relevant key places have undergone terminal disinfection.

Residents should stay alert and avoid travelling to high-risk and medium-risk areas. Those who have visited any of these places in the past 14 days should report to the local government at once. If one experiences any uncommon symptoms, such as fever, cough, fatigue, or diarrhoea, go to hospital at once but do not take public transport.

Other residents should take proper precautions, such as washing hands frequently, always wearing masks, paying attention to indoor ventilation, and maintaining a one-meter social distance. Residents are suggested to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

Editor: 谭晶