The embroiderer of dream wedding dresses
2021-08-16 19:12     Source : Dongguan Today


The post-80s embroiderer Tan Xujun

In Chinese weddings, in addition to the beautiful white wedding dress, the traditional Chinese bridal gown has also played an important part in the wedding ceremony. A red gown with a dragon and phoenix pattern is a must-have dress for many Guangdong brides when they get married. In Dongguan, there is a post-80s embroiderer who has adhered to making the traditional gown by hand for a dozen years. Every stitch is her blessings for the new couples.

In Guancheng, a small shop of a few square meters is mainly engaged in traditional Chinese bridal gowns embroidered with beautiful dragon and phoenix designs. In the shop, one after another, exquisite skirts and dresses line up. In the lamplight, the traditional embroidered pattern shines brilliantly, which is attractive. Though it is small, it witnesses the happiness moment of countless couples.

Tan Xujun, the shop's founder, made the gowns for many stars such as Myolie Hu and Miriam Yang. With her years of perseverance and excellent craftsmanship, she is well-known in the industry. The wedding gowns designed and made by her are popular among the customers at home and abroad.

Editor: Zheng Sihui