One H5N6 case reported in Dongguan
2021-09-24 10:50     Source :

Dongguan reported one H5N6 case on September 22, according to the Health Commission of Guangdong Province. This was the second confirmed case in the province after a woman was infected with the virus on August 19 in Huizhou.

This case is deemed as a random case, the risk of transmission of the virus is low at the current stage, and the patient is now being treated in the hospital.

H5N6 is a form of bird flu that normally spreads between birds and can also infect people. Humans are infected with bird flu because they have been in contact with animals suffering from bird flu or they have been to contaminated markets.

Initially, infected people may experience fever, cough, headache, muscle aches, and general malaise. Severe patients may develop pneumonia.

Here are some suggestions for prevention of avian influenza.

When buying poultry:

·Don’t buy live or sick birds, raw and chilled fresh are suggested.

·Don’t buy poultry products from unknown sources.

·Don’t buy live poultry from the markets.

·Don’t go to high-risk area, such as live animal markets, farms and live birds or touch surfaces that are likely to be contaminated with poultry droppings. If necessary, wear masks and gloves, and wash hands as soon as possible.

·Don’t make contact with wild birds and keep as far away as possible when you are in a wildlife park.

When handling poultry:

·Wear masks and gloves when killing poultry at home.

·Wash hands with soap and running water after touching raw food and before cooked food.

·Pay attention to the separation of raw and cooked poultry meat.

Vulnerable groups including children, the elderly, pregnant women and people with underlying diseases should try not to get contact with live, sick and dead poultry. People who present with symptoms like fever and cough after getting contact with poultry should go to the hospital in a timely manner.

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