Entrepreneurs enjoyed a happy Lantern Festival in Dongguan
2023-02-05 14:41     Source : DongguanToday


As Lantern Festival approaches, on February 3rd, foreign friends from Germany, Egypt, Russia, Armenia and other countries as well as high-tech entrepreneurs in Dongguan gathered to celebrate the Lantern Festival and enjoy the Spring Festival. The activity is organized by Dongguan International Technology Commercialization Center and Dongguan Science and Technology Talent Service Center, supported by "DongguanToday", aiming to promote the traditional Chinese culture and enrich the spiritual and cultural life of expats in Dongguan.

Tasting the sweet dumplings, writing Chinese "Fu (福)", and making paper cutting......the entrepreneurs had a happy Lantern Festival. They felt the Chinese New Year by experiencing traditional Chinese culture. Some of them wrote "Fu" on the red paper attentively. At the same time, the others carefully made beautiful paper cuttings to express their best wishes, exploring the charm of calligraphy and Chinese paper-cuttings. When someone finished their work, they also acted as a teacher and showed other foreign friends how to do it, which showed their great interest and enthusiasm for Chinese traditional customs. The entrepreneurs from different countries proudly took photos with each other with their works, and the whole place rang with cheers and laughter.

Frank from Germany said that he’s thrilled to be living in Dongguan. The city often organizes many interesting, warm and lively activities. He loves Chinese traditional culture very much. He added that his wife is from Dongguan, and his home is in Dongguan.

The event also promoted the exchanges and understanding between Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs and provided a platform for exchanges and cooperation. Guests from Seer Big Data, HIDEENA, TJCC Business Management Consulting Group and other high-tech enterprises introduced the latest situation of high quality development and innovation of their business, expressed confidence in China's industrial upgrading and Dongguan’s undertaking environment. They also showed firm determination to expand career in Dongguan, and looked forward to cooperating with Dongguan entrepreneurs in supply chain and overseas market development, and worked together to drive Dongguan high-quality development to increasingly new levels. 

Editor: Zheng Sihui