Dongguan customizes lighter suit for sanitation workers
2023-07-03 10:01     Source : DongguanToday


In recent days, sanitation workers in Qingxi Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong, have donned brand new attire. The new uniforms, thinner and more breathable, have made their work in high temperatures more comfortable, reducing the discomfort of sweating profusely. This heart-warming change can be traced back to a special letter.

"My father is a sanitation worker, his work uniforms are only two sets for both winter and summer. The current hot weather affects their work. I request the provision of lighter summer uniforms for sanitation workers."

Ms. Liu, a resident of Dongguan, left a message on the government service platform, 12345. Her father, Mr. Liu Fuchun, works as a sanitation worker in Qingxi Town. During a recent visit to Qingxi, Ms. Liu noticed that her father's work uniform was made of fabric that trapped heat, causing him to sweat excessively while working in high temperatures. Concerned for her father, Ms. Liu wrote a heartfelt letter expressing her request, which she submitted to the 12345 government service platform. 

The Qingxi Urban Management Bureau promptly contacted Ms. Liu after receiving her request. Due to the frequent rain during the spring and summer seasons, the uniforms were made of 100% polyester fabric that was waterproof and reflective. However, it was acknowledged that the garments lacked breathability and sweat absorption.

The Qingxi Urban Management Bureau immediately coordinated with the sanitation operation company to customize and distribute a batch of new uniforms with enhanced breathability and sweat absorption while keeping the same style. The new uniforms were made of a fabric blend consisting of 35% cotton and 65% polyester, which was thinner and more breathable than the previous fabric.

Editor: Zheng Sihui