First Dongguan-made aircraft successfully rolled out
2023-09-28 18:55     Source : DongguanToday


On September 26, Dongguan achieved a significant milestone in its aviation manufacturing sector with the successful roll-out of the first propeller aircraft produced by Transcendent Aerospace Dong Guan Ltd. The event took place at Jiehe Digital Park in Xiegang Town(谢岗镇杰和数码园), where the aircraft was showcased and had its trial flight. This signifies a significant breakthrough for Dongguan in the general aviation industry, propelling the city towards accelerated, high-quality development.

The AeroCanard, a light canard propeller aircraft, is the first of its kind "Made in Dongguan" marvel, boasting a length of 5.1 meters and a wingspan of 8.6 meters. With its canard-wing configuration, the aircraft promises exceptional aerodynamic performance, showcasing excellent maneuverability and stability across various speeds. Its cruising speed peaks at an impressive 340 kilometers per hour, and it can cover a maximum range of 1,600 kilometers.

Crafted using cutting-edge composite materials and manufacturing techniques, the aircraft is notably lightweight, weighing merely 590 kilograms when empty. This characteristic not only enhances fuel efficiency but also broadens its operational scope, making it suitable for applications like aviation tourism, medical rescue, and logistics. Additionally, the aircraft is equipped with state-of-the-art flight control and avionics systems, coupled with highly reliable aviation engines and multiple backup systems, ensuring a high standard of safety.

Transcendent Aerospace Dong Guan Ltd. has already secured an order for 40 canard aircraft, along with a recent order for 20 monoplane. The first batch, comprising 5 aircraft, is expected to be delivered by 2024. Chen Lai, President of the company, emphasized their dedication to further advancements. He stated, "Eighty percent of the components of the aircraft are now localized. Going forward, we will intensify research and development efforts to achieve 100% domestic production of engines and other components." 

Editor: Zheng Sihui