Global apparel conference kicked off in Dongguan
2023-11-17 18:48     Source : DongguanToday

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On November 17, the opening ceremony of the Global Apparel Conference 2023 took place in Humen Town, Dongguan City. This three-day event, themed "Together for a Shared Future," provides a diverse platform for the global fashion industry to engage in discussions, collaborations, and knowledge-sharing through events such as the opening ceremony, thematic forums, fashion galas, and satellite events.

The conference encompasses various sectors of the garment industry, featuring industry elites from nearly 20 countries and regions, including Italy, France, the UK, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Morocco, and Hong Kong, making it a truly representative global industry gathering. At the conference, industry leaders from around the world exchange insights, share experiences, and collectively explore the future development trends and cooperation opportunities in the global fashion landscape.
The Global Apparel Conference 2023 not only covers a wide range of topics but also delves deeply into key issues such as technology, design, sustainability, fabrics, colors, and brands. It provides in-depth discussions on dozens of hot topics, including high-level international cooperation, European digital technology applications, global color supply chain management, international brand innovation design systems, circular fashion, subculture, green finance in textiles, design and fabric selection, and strategies for Chinese brands entering the European market.

In addition, the "Humen Night" Fashion Creativity Gala will bring a new brilliance to the global fashion perspective. Wang Yutao, winner of the China Fashion Design "Top Award," Parisian designer Steven Passaro, and FACEON LAB, will showcase a fashion feast of diverse creativity and extraordinary imagination through artistic performances and brands‘ catwalk.

The conference also released the "Global Apparel Conference Vision (Humen)," consolidating the apparel industry's development consensus, igniting innovation, and driving positive change. It is worth noting that the Global Apparel Conference will be permanently held in Humen Town, Dongguan, marking a long-term commitment to fostering global collaboration and promoting the positive evolution of the fashion industry.

The clothing industry has been a competitive and strategic pillar industry in Dongguan, with over a thousand large-scale enterprises and an annual output value of nearly a hundred billion yuan. It has cultivated iconic industrial clusters such as the Humen women's dress and Dalang knitwear clusters, giving rise to well-known brands like YISHION, Cosmo Lady, and others. At its best, every five sweaters and every ten pairs of sports shoes in the world are made in Dongguan.

Editor: Zheng Sihui