Heavy rain to hit Guangdong with temperature drop by 7℃ this weekend
2020-03-26 10:14     Source : Newsgd.com

Temperatures have been on a continuous rise over the past several days across Guangdong suggesting summer is coming, but heavy rains are on the way along with a temperature drop by 5℃-7℃ on the weekend.

On the 26th and 27th, heavy rain will hit northern Guangdong, the Pearl River Delta region and western Guangdong, with storms to be expected in some areas. The weather will be overcast in eastern Guangdong with heavy rain and occasional storms. The storms will come with gale-force winds of Level 8-10, and severe convective weather such as hail and thunderstorms is expected in some areas.

On the evening of the 27th, temperatures will gradually drop across the province as a result of a strong cold wave.

March 28th will see an end to the rain, but it will remain cloudy in the province. There will be a significant drop of 5℃-7℃ in the daily average temperature.

The Guangdong Meteorological Service advises residents to pay attention to traffic safety during periods of low visibility caused by damp and foggy weather.

Seven-day forecast

March 25th (Wednesday), cloudy with a chance of thundery showers, 22℃-28℃

March 26th (Thursday), cloudy with a chance of thundery showers, 22℃-28℃

March 27th (Friday), cloudy with violent thunder storms, 21℃-26℃

March 28th (Saturday), cloudy with heavy rain, 16℃-22℃

March 29th (Sunday), cloudy with chance of thundery showers, 17℃-23℃

March 30th (Monday), cloudy with chance of thundery showers, 19℃-24℃

March 31st (Tuesday), cloudy with moderate rain, 18℃-23℃

Editor: 郑思慧