Ministry reminds public to follow virus-control rules during holiday trips
2020-06-24 08:27     Source : Xinhua

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued a warning to the public on Tuesday to follow coronavirus-control rules when taking trips over the upcoming three-day Dragon Boat Festival holiday, which starts Thursday.

Tourists are advised to pay close attention to epidemic-related information released by local epidemic-containment departments, while continuing to stay alert and follow self-protection guidelines, such as wearing face coverings.

The ministry called on the public to abide by social-distancing rules when traveling on public transport, and when visiting parks, restaurants and other public places.

The public should also plan ahead to ensure that the locations they intend to visit are open and appropriately prepared for visitors, it added.

Those planning trips to southern China are reminded to check the meteorological forecasts for their destinations as the flood season has begun in the southern regions.

Editor: 谭晶