A new cold air to bring thundery showers in Guangdong
2021-04-07 09:01     Source : Newsgd.com

As the Qingming Festival holiday is over, the weak cold wave which arrived in Guangdong during the holiday was withdraw on April 6th, and the temperature will slowly rise again, with a high of about 32℃ expected today.

According to Guangdong Meteorological Service, a new bout of weak cold wave will arrive on April 8th, and the temperature will drop by 4-6℃. This cold air will bring sudden rains and thundery showers from Thursday to Sunday, with short-term heavy rain in some areas from Thursday to Friday.

From Tuesday to Wednesday, the province will be cloudy, with temperatures gradually rising by 3-4℃, and the highest temperature will approach 32℃. From Thursday to Friday, the weak cold air will move southward, along with the chance of cloudy weather, sudden thundery showers in some areas, as well as a decrease of temperature by 4-6℃. During weekend, the rainfall will weaken, with cloudy sky across the province, sudden light rains and a 1-2℃ rebound in temperature as a whole.

In short, the weak cold air will affect Guangdong every other day, usually bringing cooler weather. However, as the weather is less stable and sudden thundery showers are more frequent in the coming days, remember to take your umbrella all the time.

6-day weather forecast

April 7th (Wednesday), cloudy with scattered showers, 20-28℃

April 8th (Thursday), overcast with cloudy spells, thundery showers and scattered heavy rain, 20-25℃

April 9th (Friday), moderate thundery showers and heavy rain with cloudy spells in some areas, 19-27℃

April 10th (Saturday), overcast with cloudy spells and light rain in some areas, 21-28℃

April 11th (Sunday), cloudy, 22-28℃

April 12th (Monday), cloudy, 23-28℃

Editor: Zheng Sihui