130th Canton Fair to launch for five days from October 15 to 19
2021-09-15 10:10     Source : Newsgd.com

The 130th Canton Fair will kick off from October 15 to 19 in both offline and online forms, Ren Hongbin, Assistant Minister of Commerce of PRC, announced at the news conference by the State Council Information Office today (September 14).

Overseas buyers encouraged to participate in the online Fair

The 130th Canton Fair will display 16 product categories in 51 sections. The offline exhibition area reaches 400,000 square meters. The online Fair will set up about 60,000 exhibition booths for 26,000 companies and global buyers.

Overseas buyers based in other countries are recommended to participate in the online Fair. Chinese based overseas buyers, foreign-funded companies, representatives of overseas industrial and commercial organizations/enterprises, foreign chambers of commerce and agents of overseas buyers in China are welcome to attend the offline Fair.

Clear guidelines for online and offline participants from more than 220 countries and regions are under preparation and will be presented soon.

The Canton Fair will hold 52 online promotion activities in 40 countries and regions, covering the five continents worldwide. Major trade partners, countries along the “Belt and Road," and RCEP members will be critical target markets of the promotion.

An opening ceremony, the first national-level Pearl River International Trade Forum, and other celebration activities will be held during the Fair.

Negative nucleic acid test results within 48 hours needed before entering offline Fair

According to the epidemic prevention requirements, for people entering from abroad, those who have a history traveling to medium and high-risk areas in China within 14 days are not allowed to participate in the on-site event.

Participants outside Guangdong province need to present negative nucleic acid test reports valid within 48 hours before entering Guangdong. After entering Guangdong, they should carry out another nucleic acid test on the same day.

Participants in Guangdong Province are required to take two nucleic acid tests in three days before the Fair. At the same time, all participants should present negative nucleic acid test results within 48 hours each time they enter the offline Fair.

In addition, exhibitors are required to be fully vaccinated before participating in the offline Fair.

Editor: Zheng Sihui