Cold front arrives tonight, much cooler days ahead
2021-10-21 09:37     Source :

After a warm start this week, a strong cold front bringing rains and significant temperature drops arrived in Guangdong on the night of October 20, creating an autumn-like atmosphere.

On October 24, morning temperature in Guangzhou will be as low as 15℃, according to local meteorological observatory.

From October 21 to 22, the weather in Guangdong will be cloudy with light rains. The north-central Guangdong will see an average temperature drop of 6-8℃ while the southern parts will have a temperature fall of 3-6℃.

On October 23, a low of 10℃ is forecast for northern Guangdong, 17℃ for southern Guangdong, and 14℃ for other regions.

5-day weather forecast

October 21 (Thursday): Cloudy with light rains, 16-23℃

October 22 (Friday): Mostly cloudy, 15-18℃

October 23 (Saturday): Cloudy, 15-19℃

October 24 (Sunday): Cloudy, 15-23℃

October 25 (Monday): Cloudy, 17-25℃

Editor: Zheng Sihui