China introduces measures to facilitate business handling for overseas Chinese citizens
2023-02-02 09:20     Source : Xinhua

China's Ministry of Public Security will roll out six measures to help facilitate business handling for overseas Chinese citizens, starting on Feb. 10.

The move aims to make it easier for Chinese citizens abroad to get their identity cards, driver's licenses and conduct other business.

The measures allow overseas Chinese citizens to entrust people inside the country to apply to traffic management departments for extension of driver's license renewal, verification and submission of physical condition certificates, without returning home.

After returning home, they are also granted an extension period to renew their driver's licenses. Those who failed to return to the country to renew their identity cards due to the COVID-19 pandemic can entrust their close relatives in China to apply for them, or apply themselves after they return at any local police station, according to the measures.

Chinese citizens abroad can download their entry and exit documents, records and other information online, and obtain entry and exit control policies through the 24-hour hotline 12367 of the National Immigration Administration. 

Editor: Zheng Sihui