Answers to frequently asked questions on visa-free policy
2024-03-26 09:19     Source : Chinese Embassy in Switzerland

China has adopted a visa-free policy for Switzerland, Ireland, Hungary, Austria, Belgium and Luxembourg on a trial basis from March 14. Here are the answers to frequently asked questions on this policy.

Question 1: Do foreign citizens eligible for visa-free entry to China need to notice the Chinese Embassies or Consulates in advance?

Answer: Foreign citizens eligible for the visa-free entry to China do not need to pre-notice the Chinese Embassies or Consulates.

Question 2: Do Chinese immigration inspection authorities check the purpose of visit before allowing foreign citizens to enter China? Are there additional documents other than passport required upon entry to China?

Answer: Foreign citizens entering China for business, tourism, family visit or transit purposes, who are eligible for visa-free entry, will be allowed to enter China after being checked by the Chinese immigration inspection authorities. Individuals whose purposes of visit do not align with the visa-free entry policy or in categories of entry denial, the Chinese immigration inspection authorities will make entry denial decision according to relevant laws and regulations. It is encouraged to take necessary supportive documents with you on entering China, such as the invitation letter, flight tickets and hotel reservation letter etc., which will help to verify your purpose of visit. Individuals coming to China for work, study, or journalism purposes do not apply to visa-free entry policy.

Question 3: Are there special requirements for minors who are eligible for the visa-free entry?

Answer: No special requirements, same as adults.

Question 4: Are there certain requirements for the type and validity period for border-entry certificates?

Answer: Foreign citizens holding ordinary passports should ensure their passport validity covering their stay in China. Travel documents, temporary or emergency document holders do not apply to the visa-free entry policy.

Question 5: How to understand the 15-day stay period?

Answer: Foreign citizens applying to visa-free entry, upon their arrival in China, can stay 15 consecutive natural days, until the 24th hour of the 15th natural day, before leaving China.

Question 6: Can foreign citizens applying to visa-free entry policy, depart from countries other than the one(s) of citizenship(s)?

Answer: Foreign citizens eligible for visa-free entry to China can depart from any country (region) outside China.

Question 7: Does this visa-free entry policy apply to travel methods other than aviation?

Answer: The visa-free entry policy applies to all open sea, land, and air ports to foreign citizens (except where laws, regulations, or bilateral arrangements specify otherwise). If arriving in China by private transportation, relevant procedures for entry and exit of the vehicle should be processed in accordance with certain Chinese laws and regulations.

Question 8: Are tourist groups eligible for this visa-free entry policy?

Answer: Foreign citizens eligible for the visa-free entry policy, whether in group or as individuals, can apply to the visa-free entry policy.

Question 9: If the stay in China exceeds 15 days, can extension be made?

Answer: If a foreign citizen intends to stay in China for more than 15 days, they should apply for a visa meeting that purpose in advance at the Chinese embassies or consulates. If there are reasonable and justifiable reasons for longer stay than the 15 days after entering China using the visa-free entry policy, application for temporary stay permit should be submitted to the Chinese exit&entry administration of the public security departments before the 15-day stay permit expires.

Question 10: Are multiple entries allowed?Are there requirements for duration of entry intervals? Are there limits on the number of visa-free entries or total days of stay limit?

Answer: Foreign citizens eligible for visa-free entry to China can enter for multiple times. Currently, there are no restrictions on the number of visa-free entries or total days of stay limit. It is of vital importance to keep in mind not to be engaged in activities inconsistent with your purpose of entry.

Editor: Liu Ke