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Dongguan institutions for COVID-19 testing
2020-05-24 20:26     Source : Dongguan Today

Nucleic acid detection is an important component for epidemic prevention and control, and is useful for confirming new cases. To strengthen testing capacity, thus supporting the resumption of work and school, Guangdong recently made a special deployment to promote anti-COVID-19 efforts, requiring every county and city district establish at least one medical institution which can independently conduct nucleic acid or blood antibody testing. The deadline is for this to be put into service before the end of May for the public.

In the interest of safeguarding public health, as of 19th May, Dongguan has established 80 testing centres in every district's medical institutions and city squares. More may follow. Citizens in Dongguan, both local residents and expats alike, may visit neighbourhood testing centres with their identity cards for voluntary testing. Making an appointment in advance is recommended, regardless if for group or individual bookings.




List of medical institutions that carry out nucleic acid tests or blood antibody test

Editor: 郑思慧