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What should employers do after resuming work?复工后老板如何做
2020-02-13 15:03     Source : Dongguan Foreign Affairs Bureau

Tips from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention:

Interim Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia in Industrial Enterprises

Guidelines 26 for Public Prevention of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (in Industrial Enterprises)

Employee Management

1. Employees who are back from severe epidemic areas (e.g., Wuhan and its surrounding areas) or met a person from a severe epidemic area should be quarantined at home or together for 14 days and not go out when placed under medical observation. Watch closely your personal physical conditions, including taking your temperature, and return to the workplace only if you do not have any unwell symptoms. Employees back from severe epidemic areas after the festival and those that have been quarantined for 14 days should take their temperature before entering the factory every time. Every employer should set up a body temperature detection site at the factory entrance; employees that live in a dormitory should take their temperature twice a day. An infrared body temperature gun or ear temperature measurer can be adopted.

2.The temperature measurement personnel must be in good health and wear a medical surgical mask or N95 mask throughout the work, and calibrate the infrared body temperature gun or ear temperature measurer by themselves.

3. For employees with fever, weakness, cough or oppression in chest, which are suspected symptoms of novel coronavirus infection, they should be given and wear a medical surgical mask or N95 mask and go to a designated fever clinic to seek medical advice (i.e., a fever clinic designated by the local health authority). Meanwhile, every case should be reported to the relevant department and corresponding control measures should be required.

4. Employees should wear an eligible disposable medical mask or medical surgical mask; when staying in a workplace where there is a chemical toxicant or dust, employees should wear a protective mask or dust mask according to the overlap concentration, and change the mask for new immediately in case it is damaged or hardly air-permeable. Wash your hands before putting on a mask and after taking it off.

5. Go to the washroom at once to wash your hands after entering the office building, workshop or dormitory.

6. For visitors, their place of departure, employer and history of contact with people from severe epidemic areas should be figured out. Anybody who comes from a severe epidemic area or met a person from a severe epidemic area less than 14 days ago should be prohibited from entering the factory; for other people, they should take their temperature and give an honest answer to every question before entering the factory; any visitor that does not wear a mask should be given an eligible disposable mask; a uniform reception room should be set up for visitors in the office area while a visitor in a workshop should not wander, but in the company of the staff; in principle, visitors are not allowed to dine in the factory area. If a visitor has to dine in the factory area, he/she should have a box meal alone in the reception room.

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