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Amazing Dongguan | Why Dongguan the world's manufacturing hub
2022-01-30 09:17     Source : DGRTV

What makes Dongguan become known as the world's manufacturing hub? Jordanian youth Ammar and his colleagues at IFE Elevator Co, based in Dongguan of South China, will give us a hint for the answer today.

Situated in the core position of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Dongguan is home to 190,000 industrial enterprises, including 11,000 industrial enterprises above designated size and 66 listed enterprises. Enterprises with over ten billion yuan of output value now number 19 and 3 with over 100 billion yuan. With more efforts to develop the advanced manufacturing industry, the city has gradually entered the high-quality development stage.

Editor: 谭晶